Patients' Experiences

These testimonials do not represent evidence, but the personal opinion of the patients I have treated.

"Well what can I say, after spending 21 years suffering from migraines and having every drug going prescribed to me with no or limited effect I was recommended by a friend to go and see Annie to see if homeopathy could help. I must admit I was highly sceptical to begin with but having tried everything else I thought there would be nothing to lose. One of the first things that surprised me was the amount of time Annie spent going through my symptoms and past history (how often does that happen in a doctors surgery or the NHS in general!). Annie worked on my case notes, a decision was made and a remedy prescribed. Apart from some minor migraines that followed for a couple of weeks after I took the remedy (Annie said that may happen), I have never had another migraine to this day and that's over 7 years ago now. I would highly recommend homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine and I would recommend Annie to anyone without reservation."

"Annie Riggs is a homeopath, who I would recommend to anyone and have, in fact, recommended her to many of my friends who needed help. For us, she has worked miracles, particularly for my young son Gustav.

When Gustav was 9 weeks old, he developed eczema, which became increasingly worse, especially when he started to teethe. The eczema covered his whole body, limbs, face and scalp and was clearly incredibly itchy, preventing him from sleeping at night and leading to constant scratching and bleeding. After seeing doctors, health visitors and the local eczema clinic and trying many creams (including steroids) without the slightest bit of success, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Luckily, my health visitor recommended Annie Riggs and after seeing her for the first time, Gustav's eczema (he was by then 6.5 months old) started to improve steadily. We saw Annie once a month from then on and by 10 months old, he was almost free of eczema, except for some more persistent patches behind the knees, which were easy to cope with. Friends who are GPs were astounded by how successfully the homeopathy had cleared Gustav's eczema.

When Gustav teethed again at 17 months old and developed a consistently high temperature for 2 months, which often went beyond 41 degrees, we saw Annie again and she managed to clear the temperatures overnight.

Now, when Gustav (just 2 years old) suffers from teething, pain, fever or eczema (which is almost gone), we instantly treat him with homeopathy with great success. Annie has helped us, as a family, enormously. She has managed to boost my post-pregnancy immune system back into shape and help me and my partner with a number of health issues. For me, the talking about the problems with Gustav, Annie's ability to listen and to ask relevant questions has helped greatly. For all of us, the fact that Gustav's suffering ceased has been a miracle. The fact that Annie is a health visitor as well as a homeopath has clear benefits when taking children to see her, as she can give advice and help on both the medical and the behavioural levels and thus provide all-round therapy."