About Me

My interest in Homeopathy started when my eldest daughter had recurrent ear infections and glue ear at the age of three. The doctor suggested an operation for the insertion of grommets. I felt that this wouldn't get to the root cause of the problem so explored Homeopathy. My daughter had homeopathic treatment and the problems with glue ear and ear infections cleared up. All three of my daughters have been brought up with Homeopathy and have had very little in the way of conventional medicine.

As a nurse I saw people being treated as disease labels rather than as individuals. I feel it is important, vital even, to treat people holistically, which means treating the person as a whole. I realised that it is important to get to the cause of disease (or dis-ease) in a gentle and safe way. Homeopathy aims to stimulate the body's natural system of healing.

I became a Registered Professional Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths in 2000. Having completed a four year course at the Yorkshire School of Homeopathy.

Accredited registers help people get better care by ensuring that the health practitioners on registers are competent and trustworthy. The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) set standards for people working in unregulated health and care occupations and encourage them to meet them and take action to protect the public when necessary.

In homeopathy, our accredited register with the PSA means we work alongside employers, commissioners, local authorities, patient and consumer protection agencies as part of a quality assurance network.